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Aloha speed match is a non-Abacus mathematics programme based on ancient vedic mathematical concepts. That enables students to solve mathematical problems with amazing speed and accuracy.
This radical course enhances the computational speed in its students and giving them the confidence to tackle the most challenging numerical.
With the aid of well researched and developed methods, we provide the students with a view to look at mathematics in a more fundamental and intelligent way.
Our concept is based on a combination of the concise Asian and Indian mathematical methods and the structure of modern mathematics.
Bridging the gap between the two, we have developed innovative methods to provide enormous speed of solving problems.
Designed for students of the age 12 and above, spread over 12 months.


Program benefits


Improves accuracy in calculations.
Very much useful in competitive exams and aptitude test.
Syllabus is based on CBSC/Gujarat board course curriculum.
Calculation speed, up to 10 times faster than the regular method.
All calculations are carried out mentally.
Quick techniques to rectify mistakes.
Fast application of logic and memory.
With relative memory techniques, calculations are you surely error free.
Beneficial for life time.

  • Areas of application
  • Reminder theorem
  • Complex numbers
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Achha conversions
  • Cube roots highest common factor
  • Least common
  • Square roots
  • Factorisation
  • Profit/loss
  • Factor Theorem
  • Partial fractions
  • Integration
  • Ration/Proportion
  • Synthetic division
  • Divisibility test

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