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Why Brainy?
•Brainy is a division of Brain Child Learning is a Malaysian based company, has earned laurels for its flagship program.
•Brainy’s every level has two days workshop and later weekly follow-ups is scheduled for seven weeks.Parents’ orientation after every workshop is part of system.
•Brainy a division of Brain Child Learning was introduced in India by Xplore Knowledge Resources LLP, which has over 350 franchisees and students numbering well over 1,50,000!They are in children brain development education since 2004.We truly understand child and brain better.


Advantages of brainy course


Brainy sensory enhancement course can give the children many advantage based on real life.Few of them are listed below:
•Memory of the child may become sharp.
•The concentration of the child improves and hence learning becomes faster.
•Confidence of the child improves and hence learning becomes faster.
•Confidence of the child increases and hence helps him to overcome any task effectively.He is able to face failure,while maintaining his confidence.
•The child can express his feelings and thoughts clearly and effectively.He can solve every problem through innovative ideas.
•The child has better control over his emotions.


5 fundamental focusses of brainy SE


Enhancing senses:Better senses, make us better learners, we encourage untraditional sensory learning.
Control of brain waves:Children are taught to practice alpha and theta brain wave state using parapsychological activities.
Specific focus on right brain: Enables new skills such as creative visualisation, photo reading, wholesome grasping and photographic memory, which are not taught in any schools.
Raising Emotional quotient:The unique bonding with teacher and giving real life values which reaches their subconscious mind to bring overall improvements.
Whole brain development:Including all regions such as frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal and limbic.

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